Fertility Coaching

A disease is not a condition or a continuous state of illness; it is merely a symptom of the health of the body at a given time.

Who We Are

MindFix-Health are qualified wellbeing practitioners with an array of valuable skills, combined to create the ultimate holistic wellness package – incorporating life coaching, nutrition, mindfulness, NLP, exercise and rehabilitation.

Our wellbeing plans are designed to teach clients how to optimize their own health using our techniques. Most people we see are not in a state of disease: their lifestyle is adversely affecting their health. To eliminate bouts of ill-health, following a program that restores health and vitality to their bodies is essential.
Our Wellbeing coaching program complements and adds value to our acupuncture and other holistic treatments.

What We Do


We’ll enhance your fertility and potential to have children, through natural means.

Stress & Anxiety

We’ll show you how to correct emotional imbalances, so you can cope with life and feel relaxed. 


We’ll teach you about eating the right foods and fuel sources for your personal metabolism.


We’ll teach you how to achieve hormonal balance, with the right nutrition and lifestyle choices.

Weight Loss

We’ll help you to understand the chemical changes that cause your weight issues – and how to address them.


We’ll rehabilitate you after surgery, accidents or illness; teaching you how to manage chronic pain with exercises and stretching.

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